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Updated Oct. 29, 2013

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Our trees have enjoyed the wetter weather this year. We have three varieties of Leyland Cypress ready for choose and cut. The Murray is a darker green with stronger branches, less dense foliage and more aroma than the classic Leyland. Naylor's Blue is a droopy tree with stronger branches and dense blue/green foliage. We also have Thuja Green Giant. They are similar to Leyland, except are more open with stronger branches, more aroma and stay fresh even longer than Leyland. We use Thuja foliage in our fresh wreaths because it stays fresh so long.
The Leyland range from 5 to 10 ft. We have some White pine 5 to 6 ft and larger ones, 11 to 15 ft. We have all sizes of Virginia Pine, 5 to 18 ft., Eastern Red Cedar 5 to 7 ft. and Carolina Sapphire up to 9 ft. The tree size is measured from the ground to the highest point that will support a tree top ornament and rounded down to the nearest half-foot.
We will also have precut Fraser fir, 5 to 11 ft. They will arrive after noon on Saturday Nov. 23rd.

Living Christmas tree - will be in short supply again this year. We have some Carolina Sapphire and Deodar Cedar in 15 gallon pots, but they are small trees.

Payment - We accept Master Card, Visa, Discover, American Express and many bank debit cards as well as cash and checks.

History - Homestead Christmas Tree Farm was started in 1979. When we bought the farm in 1992, Virginia Pine was the most popular Southern Christmas tree. Virginia Pine was in all of the fields with some Leyland Cypress planted near the woods. The deer eat the top out of the Leyland, so they took a long time to become large enough for Christmas trees. We've planted some of every tree that has been recommended for a Southern Christmas tree. Now Leyland Cypress is our most popular tree, but the Virginia pine is still a popular choice. For us working at the farm requires a lot of hard work. Visiting with customers that we only see once a year is quite enjoyable. We look forward to seeing you again this year and have a Merry Christmas.

The pictures below were taken November 2009.

Pictures below were taken November 2008.

Pictures below were taken the first of November 2006.

Leyland Cypress


Blue ice


Potted trees, large Virginia pine in back ground


Big and small Leyland Cypress


Cryptomeria - Native to Japan and China


Blue Cedar


Thuja Green Giant - new tree


Deodar Cedar